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Following Simon “Truth About Leather” series come another educational series called “Did You Know” … raise awareness to the global realities that affect the food, leather, footwear, fashion, economy, environment, etc. Join us, follow the “Did You Know” series, and help drive the discussion. First posts of the series coming in January 2023!

Truths about Leather – 3rd edition

WHY LEATHER? HISTORICAL RELIED UPON In 1991 archaeologist made one of the most significant discoveries to date; the “Iceman” or “Ötzi”.What made this discovery significant was how well Ötzi and his belonging/artifacts were preserved due to centuries of thawing and re-freezing. Among Ötzi’s belongs were a coat, belt, chaps/legging, an arrow quiver, a loincloth, a […]

Truths about Leather – 2nd edition

Simona working to build a brighter future for this amazing natural material! What is LWG? The Leather Working Group is an international non-profit organization working to improve the environmental impact of the leather supply chain through audit certification. Since its inception in 2005, the LWG has grown to 1,200 members/stakeholders, becoming the most globally recognized […]

Simona and the Sustainable Development Goals

In the summer of 2019, SIMONA joined the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The UN established these goals to create global change, addressing 17 initiatives to combat poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, while creating a more peaceful and just world. SIMONA is proud to take part in these initiatives and have identified 4 main focuses; […]

Simona + Solid Recycle

Solid Recycle Finding solutions for all our solid recycle has been a big project for the past few years. We are teaching our team to work on themselves, reducing the solid waste they produce every day. Is true Reduce, Reuse and Recycle methods that we all can reduce landfill waste. But with the waste we […]

Simona + Clothing Bank

We are donating our used clothes.
Do you know how to recycling and processing of clothes?

Simona + Community Projects

Refuse what you do not need; reduce what you do need; reuse what you consume; recycle what you cannot refuse, reduce, or reuse’ and rot (compost) the rest

Simona + Shaving Dust

We are helping to upcycle our shaving dusts Finding solutions for shaving dust waste is another obstacle facing tanneries today. We have been working in the past few years, searching for solution to our shavings. Today our shaving dust is collected and compressed in bricks. These bricks are shipped (free of charge) to two suppliers […]

Simona + Merake

We are helping to Upcycled our Leather Waste Water and energy usage are often synonymous with sustainability, but one aspect that can be overlooked is wasted created from leather and product manufacturing. Simona offers a nesting and cutting solution, allowing for the pre-cutting of pattern pieces to reduce shipping waste and the associated carbon emissions, […]

Truths about Leather – 1st edition

Simona working to build a brighter future for this amazing natural material! Here are some eye-opening statistics everyone needs to know Global cattle population USA does not have the biggest cattle population in the world. India and Brazil have the largest population of animals combining to make up over 55% of the global ruminant population […]