Ibrido WP

Ibrido WP is a low-oil content crazy horse inspired product meeting waterproof specifications. Avoid oil contamination, or bonding issues,while still achieving the pull-up and lifestyle appeal

Forest WP

Flesh out waterproof leather with a special two tone effect. The flesh side is the usable area, while the grain side becomes the perfect most comfortable lining.

Nevada WP

Flesh out waterproof leather, with a aniline finishing and natural milling.


Lightweight full grain leather with a very fine finish on a waterproof base, perfect for women’s and weather proof shoes. ilk can be done NWP & WP GTX

Roughbuck WP

Whatever you need in a outdoor nubuck, now you have it on Roughbuck WP. Vibrant colors, structure, softness, roughness and performance.


Casual oil full grain, with a mid size pebble and a very soft and oily hand. Waterproof leather. Mesa can be done NWP & WP GTX

Glove Tan WP

Glove Tan is a full grain aniline with the most ultimate softness and roundness you can get in a waterproof leather tannage. The natural two tone with a fine touch of oily/waxy feel, gives to this product a unique look.

Elche NWP/WP

Ultimate comfort sneaker product, with soft/supple base and matte wax finish for a pleasant touch. Full color spectrum available. lche can be done NWP & WP GTX

Americano WP

Semi -aniline floater, sligthly two ton effect and waxy/oil touch

Stetson NWP/WP

The most original full grain made in American hides, designed to be a very tight semi-veg tannage and smooth hand feel. Very light aniline finish enabling every kind of shoe finishing and water proff. Stetson can be done NWP & WP GTX


Semi-aniline full grain leather. Very soft full body with a casual break.

Demar WP/NWP

Perfect soft hand nubuck that can provide vibrant colors. It has a velvet touch, an excellent nap and tumble effect. Very soft and confortable feelling generated by it high WP properties. Demar can be done NWP & WP.


Naturally milled leather with strong pull up effect and a dry wax surface. Meets WP standards. ELN can be done NWP & WP GTX