Closing the Leather Loop!

Simona Tanning in cooperation with Merake Asia have been searching for a partner to develop a material made from wet blue trimming & crust waste to become a byproduct leather fabric.
So after 1 years we are able to present to you:

Cycleather is a new eco-friendly material, composed by recycled leather scraps.
That can be use as a lining when in raw state.
Or can be finish by our evolution Touch Base film technology combining beauty and sustainability.
The film transfer system offers a sustainable alternative to traditional Closing The Leather Loop!
finishing by consuming no water, in addition to reducing man-power, chemical and energy use.
While the film coverage and consistency renders 98% of the skin usable – greatly reducing cutting waste.

Production Process & Product Advantages

With high-technology rework process, the CYCLEATHER is produced. After finishing the product has excellent performance indexes.


Sorting the leather scraps and grounded to small fibers.

Cleaning Process

With waterless process the fiber are clean.


The fibers are mix with binders creating Cycleather


Cycleather then is process in Touch Base technology to be finish according to clients requirments.


Cycleather can be used in a widely range of products such as: handbags, accessories, small leather goods, trims on clothes, shoes, car interior decoration, upholstery, etc.

Why Cycleather?

Cycleather Sustainable Development Goals

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