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Hides reimagined!


Challenging the idea of what leather hides are supposed to look like, Simona Tanning’s In Shape® transcends standard leatherby offering higher quality and improved yield. Each In Shape® hide reduces leather waste, while offering reduction in water and chemical use, and lowers the carbon emissions load per sq ft. Lose the excess and get In Shape®.

How In Shape® leather project came about?

In Shape® was born from Simona Tanning’s continued drive to find sustainable and ecological solutions for the leather industry. In Shape® offers our partners the opportunity to reduce cutting and trimming waste associated with leather.

How does this process take place?

The hides are trimmed before tanning to remove lower quality areas. The trimmings are then sold as collagen to companies producing gelatin, while the hides go through standard leather tanning operations.

Once in the wet blue stage Simona will trim again to further remove undesirable areas. The remaining skin can then be tanned into crust, and eventually finished leather, and no furthered trimming is necessary before shipment to the factory for use.

The wet blue trimming & crust waste are then transferred to one of Simona’s partners in China (LeathSoles – Merake, Cycleather DaFeng Paperboard and Xiangchen) to become other byproducts such as soles, insoles, cardboard boxes, leather fabric, etc.

Sustainable Advantages using In Shape® leather:


Trimming Waste Reduction


Water Reduction


CO2 Emission Reduction


Energy Reduction


Chemical Reduction (Wet Blue phase)


Chemical Reduction (Crust phase)


Chemical Reduction (Finishing phase)

Results per 1 lot:

Savings for 1000 lots:

Hide arriving from Beamhouse

Hide after trimming

The hides before tannage process weigh around 40Kg per hide . After trimming we have a avarage weigh of 36.4Kg per hide.

We save an avarage of 9% of trimming , and all these trimming are send to Brazil to a main partners of our LWG tannery partner, to be use in the gelatin industry.

Leather Information

Leather lot weight: +/- 790KG

Leather lot sqft: +/- 6000sqft

Leather Water saving per lot tannage: 25.46 liters

Leather Chemical saving per lot tannage: 128.80 Kg

In Shape® leather +/- 6KG

Before Tannage

After Tannage

The Trimming of the In Shape® leather that Simona still does before retannage process is very little, around 1%.

All Simona trimming from In Shape® and other leathers are sent to 3 main partners of Simona, that use the trimming together with our shaving dust to make paperboards, leathsoles and cycleathers.

Leather Information

Leather lot weight: +/- 790KG

Leather lot sqft: +/- 6000sqft

Leather Water saving per lot retannage: 420 liters

Leather Chemical saving per lot retannage: 54 Kg

Crust after drying +/- 5KG

Finish Leather

In Shape®leather after Inspection +/-5KG

There is no trimming after finishing the leather, and the hides have an average of 40sqft.

Leather Information

Leather lot weight: +/- 790KG

Leather lot sqft: +/- 6000sqft

Leather Chemical saving per lot finishing: 28 Kg


In Shape Sustainable Development Goals

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