Save Water & Energy

Make and impact by reducing the impact


The premise of the Sahara leather program is to reduce the water-usage, chemical usage and drum/machinery time (equating to reduced energy usage) during the retannage process.

The Sahara solution is comprised of specialized and innovative chemistry. Then using osmosis the leather is able to take-in the chemicals, even in a low bath (minimal water).

With this improved chemical and water intake the leather doesn’t require as much water or chemical use, and doesn’t need to be in the drum as long as traditional tanning methods.

Water is the driving force of all nature

Bottles save: 1,800,000
Glasses save: 3,000,000

Chemical KG: 219,000
Water Liters: 6,805,000
Energy Kw: 107,000
Production time: 5,910 hours
Bottles save: 2,000,000
Glasses save: 3,350,000

Chemical KG: 245,000
Water Liters: 7,600,000
Energy Kw: 120,000
Production time: 6,600 hours
Bottles save: 2,300,000
Glasses save: 3,750,000

Sahara Sustainable Development Goals

Sahara Leather magazine

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