Simona + Shaving Dust


We are helping to upcycle our shaving dusts

Finding solutions for shaving dust waste is another obstacle facing tanneries today.

We have been working in the past few years, searching for solution to our shavings.

Today our shaving dust is collected and compressed in bricks. These bricks are shipped (free of charge) to two suppliers that we Simona has partnered with DaFeng Paperboard and Xiangchen to find reuse shaving dust in other consumer products.

DaFeng Paperboard mixes the shavings dust with with binders and other material to create cardboard boxes for shipping use. Xiangchen use the shaving dust in their powder mixture to produce a type of recycled leather fabric.

Our partners

Dafeng Paperboard

Transform the shaving dust (along with binders and other materials) into cardboard boxes for shipping use;


Processes the shaving dust into a powder which is then utilized in production of a reconstituted leather fabric;


Mix and grind the shaving dust and leather scraps together into small/fine pieces to be used in LeathSoles (midsoles and outsoles for footwear).

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