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Solid Recycle

Finding solutions for all our solid recycle has been a big project for the past few years. We are teaching our team to work on themselves, reducing the solid waste they produce every day. Is true Reduce, Reuse and Recycle methods that we all can reduce landfill waste.

But with the waste we still produce, we separate them in our facilities in 9 different categories: organic (composting), paper, plastic, glass, metal, clothes, wood, e-waste and leather scraps.

After our waste is separate, we send them to partners that assure us that this waste will end up being upcycled or deal in properly matters.

Our Organic Waste, remains of plants and kitchen waste is separated and collect by next door farmers that use as composting on the growing of their plants & vegetable garden.

Our Paper, Plastic & Metal are collected by our partner Three Brothers and send to their factory to be recycled.

Our Glass is collected by the government authorities and our use clothes go to our partner Clothing Bank to be sort and distribute to poverty stricken or reused as yarn for textiles

Our wood is reuse in the tannery or also collect by local farmers.






Our partners

Clothing Bank

Three Brothers

Baidu Recycle


Local Farmers

Huizhou Boyuan Waste Material Recycling CO

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