Sustainability in our hands

As Simona looks to the future we are committing towards a more sustainable business and strengthening the shoe and leather industry as a whole. We strive to become even stronger partners to our customers with improved transparency on these initiatives and our operations.

Simona follows international standards such as IATF 1649, ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001, and undergo regular external audits to ensure compliance. Additionally, we are pleased to have received and maintained an LWG Gold rating for the past 3 years. We do not view sustainability as a trend or buzz-word, but as a necessary step to protect the eco-system and planet we love. As we move forward with our facilities in China & Vietnam , we will keep partners updated on these investments.

Leather Industry

The leather industry is not always portrayed in the best light, especially in today’s world. However leather is one of man’s earliest and most useful discoveries, offering protection from elements in the form of clothing, footwear and shelter. Primitive men did not harm animals for their pelts, but instead to consume their meat.

This practice continues today and hides are a by-product of the meat, dairy or wool industries. Meat packers accrue 95% of their profit from the animals meat, only 3% can be attributed to the hide (and another 2% to other aspects of the animal). Roughly half of the leather produced today is used in shoe manufacturing, and the remaining is for automotive, furniture and clothing.

Simona uses only bovine raw material from carefully chosen partners all over the world. We also contribute to industry partners who are working to campaign on behalf of leather manufacturing practices.

We are a responsible leather group

Simona carefully measures every business decisions, and actions, from an economic, technical, social and ecological standpoint to ensure we are a leader in the leather industry. Social and ecological sustainability takes root in everything we do, from employee and customer relations, society and community growth, our supply chain and environmental impact.

LWG Accreditation

Simona has maintained LWG Gold status for four consecutive audits meeting the highest industry standards for environmental performance, operating practices, sanitation and material traceability.

Traceable Supply Chains


Within the United States, hides can be traced to the processing facilities and in some cases the feedlots. Where as in Uruguay, Argentina, and the European Union, it is possible to trace hides all the way to the birthing farm through to processing


Innovating ways of colouring our leathers!

Striving to be the leader in colour performance, Simona has partnered with chemical suppliers to develop new sustainable, and breakthrough dye- technology to improve colourfastness performance, reduce pollution associated with dye-stuff, and reduce water usage during the dying process. Simona currently offers a line of double-dyed nubucks achieving rich and brilliant colour with amazing colourfastness performance.


Neutralizing toxic gases

Simona implemented a VOC air filtration system to regulate air emissions. Each finishing machine has a vent to capture gases, particulates and air expelled by themachines. These gases, particulates and air are funneled into a holding pipe to be filtered and cleaned. Within the holding pipe is an atomizing spray device, which helps neutralize toxic gases in the air. After being filtered and treated with the atomizing spray, the air is discharged into the atmosphere. The air quality at the discharge point is monitored regularly to ensure conformity with China government and environmental standards.


Solar Panels

Simona solar panels project is under construction and will reduce 14% of our energy consumption. We are also looking for more options that would help to reduce the energy used from the grid as well as energy consumption in general.

Infrared & Microwave Tunnel

Simona changed all the finishing tunnels to infrared with PCC to control the heating plate and microwave sensors to save energy.

Biomass Boiler

Simona utilizes a biomass-boiler system for energy. This system is a cleaner and more sustainable energy source in comparison to standard crude oil boilers, with lower carbon and particulate emissions.


Built with high ceilings and open windows for improved air circulation and to let in natural lighting. This reduces the need to use energy on lighting and fans.


Water Recycle

Simona is recycling the Wet Back water and being able to reuse it. This action helps to save 84% of the water used on this process, achieving a 8.4% water reduction on the overall tannery operation.

Our water recycle lake is also under construction as a last step after going through water treatment. With this system, 22% of the water can be reused back to the tannery.


95% water recycling capability from our lake that has a capacity of 240.000 tons of rainwater. All the tannery uses water from the lake.


Simona uses a Condensation system to generate hot water to reduce steam use for heating water. Our pump system sends the recycle condensate water directly into the hot water tanks to supply production, saving 1⁄4 of our Steam heating.

"be the change you want see in the world"


Sustainable development goals

In the summer of 2019 Simona joined the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The UN established these goals to create global change, addressing 17 initiatives to combat poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, while creating a more peaceful and just world

Direct Contribution ONG'S

We are so honored that you’ve chosen to join The Spring to help transform lives each month with clean water.


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